It’s Monday What Are You Reading [#1]

It’s Monday What Are You Reading is weakly meme hosted by Shelia @ book journey. ( Check out her blog for more details).

So, for this meme, I’ve decided to customise my meme

 photo itsmondaywhatareyoureading_zps1b333429.jpg 
So today, I’m still stuck with Insurgent (ughh!)I’m already at the last lap and I don’t intend to drag it any further as I still have plans for my other books.
So far, I really enjoyed the book but not to the point that its so intriguing to keep me reading for at least an hour. I dont know whats wrong but I hope its nothing serious such that it will affect me as a reader. So come back in 2-3 days time for my review of Insurgent by Veronica Roth. What I’ll be reading tomorrow is Cinder. If you haven’t read it and its waiting for you on the bookshelf, we can do a read-a-long together and will discuss the book together some time next week. Share with your reading buddies and the more the merrier. Ciao peeps, see you in my next blog post.

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