Caster Chronicles Spinoff Series

It’s has been recently announced that Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl will be writing a spin off of the Caster Chronicles Series.

 Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will launch the new series with the e-novella Dangerous Dream on December 17, 2013, followed by the first novel, Dangerous Creatures, on May 6, 2014. 

In this series, the main characters will be Link and Ridley. Here’s a short description of the series Dangerous Dream takes place at high school graduation in Gatlin, S.C., where the original series is set. “I view it very much as a bridge between Beautiful Creatures and Dangerous Creatures,” Sullivan said.Dangerous Creatures picks up at the end of the summer, when the characters are packing up for college, she continued. Link tells his conservative mother that he is going to a Christian school, but in fact, as Garcia and Stohl revealed to PW, he is starting a band called Sirensong in New York City. “Fans were always begging them for more Link and Ridley,” Sullivan said. (Beautiful Creatures characters John and Liv will head to Oxford but make appearances.)“We’re going to have new teen characters, new villains, new settings, and old settings,” said Garcia. “It’s really the best mix of the old and the new.”Readers will find laughs amid the intrigue. “It’s going to be different in tone because you’ve got these two boisterous characters,” Sullivan said. “It’s going to have the danger and mysteriousness, but with these two telling the stories, it’s going to have a lot of humor and attitude.” – Publishers Weekly

I’m so glad they stick to the same cover design as in the Caster Chronicles series. I mean there are very few seres who’s spin offs have the similar design. I’m so happy and I’m pretty sure it will look good together with the other Caster Chronicles books. 


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