Tackle Your TBR Update #4

15/9/2013 (Sunday)
Books finished reading: Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
Book currently reading: Legend by Marie Lu ( 50%)
This is another book which i stereotyped it as Hunger Games Trilogy wannabe books. When this book was published, it was when dystopian genre is the in thing and people ask for more and  more and some authors write good ones while some write ones that looks like a piece of work that tries to be amazing but failed. Again i was proved wrong by the book, like Lauren Oliver’s Delirium. OMG, I’m so narrow minded. I guess i can’t help it. I’m so glad i picked it up. At the end of the day, i have already devoured half the book. And still no progression or a tiniest little bit of feelings/ spark between Day and June. I think its gonna be like the Delirium series, the love comes in after all they have been through together. Which I like — no stupid YA insta love. I’m so happy. I can finally see that authors now see the mistake of putting in insta-love and they have also corrected it. I hope the others also follow suit and it makes me very happy. I can’t be reading all day so I’ve decided to stop myself at the mid-point and build up some suspense for myself before I consume the rest tomorrow. Hopefully. 

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